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The SwissTech Convention Center was created to host national and international conferences. The realization of the center was therefore designed to offer organizers and convention participants the ideal place for their event.

We host annual small, medium and large conferences, representing all sectors of activity. Your congress can occupy the whole center or only a few spaces, which can be modulated according to your needs.

The SwissTech Convention Center offers a variety of room sizes, thanks to the three modular auditoriums where you can adapt the number of seats to your audience. The floor “Garden” meanwhile can accommodate between 1 and 17 rooms sub-commissions, suitable for your needs. This space of nearly 3500 m2 can also be used to host exhibitions.

When it was built in 2014, EPFL pushed the sustainability criteria even further by, for example, using lake water to heat and cool the center, or by installing the first photovoltaic facade based on dye cells.

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ESACT Meeting 2017

“Thanks to the SwissTech team and the fantastic location, this year’s conference was a great success.”
Merck KGag
Matthieu Stettler, Associate Director

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