Committed to an inclusive and regenerative future

Laura Le Gal
Laura Le Gal

We are proud to announce our inclusion in the SwissTriple Impact Directory, a national directory of companies taking concrete steps towards a sustainable future.

All about the STI Directory
To improve our social and environmental impact, in November 2022 we joined the Swiss Triple Impact (STI) program, initiated by B Lab Switzerland. Using the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a reference framework, the STI enables Swiss companies to measure their contribution to the SDGs and thus improve their sustainable development performance.
On this basis, we were able to target the most important SDGs for our company and put in place a concrete action plan. These objectives were then subjected to a balance review process, during which B Lab Suisse examined the impact and relevance of each sustainability commitment, as well as the detailed action plan. These steps have enabled us to be included in the STI Directory!
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Our commitments
As members of the STI Directory, we are committed to taking concrete steps towards a desirable and sustainable future. Here are some of our commitments:
By 2026, we will calculate the carbon footprint of half of our events at the Swiss Tech Convention Center with tailored support* from MyClimate and offset their emissions, compared to none in 2023, and we will commit to the Net Zero Carbon Events initiative.

  • Sustainable event checklist, partnership with Mobilis for reduced-price public transport tickets for participants, raising awareness of the carbon footprint of meat, recommendation of local suppliers, etc.
  • By 2030, based on global estimates of event emissions, we will be helping our customers to implement a sustainable event using our turnkey solutions (emissions calculations, sustainable event checklist, soft mobility partnerships, etc.).

By 2026, we will reduce our non-recyclable waste by 30% compared to 2022

  • In 2022, we have a total of 7.37 ton of waste and 6.64 ton of non-recyclable waste at the STCC and in the village, so 90.1% non-recyclable waste.
  • We are implementing a waste plan that includes the installation of Eco-points throughout the Convention Center.

By 2026, the carbon footprint of commuting will be reduced by 30% compared to 2022 (individual motorised journeys account for 87.3%)

  • Commuting accounts for 33% of our carbon footprint (according to our carbon footprint 2022).
  • A mobility plan and concrete measures are being developed.

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