soft mobility

Laura Le Gal
Laura Le Gal

SwissTech Convention Center and Mobilis are partners in offering a soft mobility solution for our clients and their participants.

It’s important for us to provide sustainable mobility solutions to our event organizers.

Mobilis offers tailor-made solutions, adapted to everyone’s needs at attractive prices.

Participant can travel to their event by public transport in total tranquility, with their transportation ticket included in the invitation.

The EPFL metro stop is located opposite the SwissTech Convention Center ; less than 1-minute walk door-to-door!

Remember that mobility in Lausanne is responsible for a quarter of direct CO2 emission (data from 2015) : 21% in public transport, 2% by bicycle, 42% by walk and 35% by motor vehicle.

This observation made, the city of Lausanne has included in its Climate Plan the objective of zero emissions for mobility by 2030.

SwissTech Convention Center supports the sustainable commitments of the city of Lausanne and continues to offer its clients solutions in this way.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.