83rd Congress of French-speaking Psychoanalysts

Lena Perrenoud
Lena Perrenoud

The Congrès des Psychanalystes de Langue Française is a major event that brings together psychoanalytic professionals to share knowledge, exchange ideas and discuss developments in the field. This year, the SwissTech Convention Center had the pleasure of hosting this 500 delegates in May. Following the event, we interviewed the organizers: Docteur Bernard Chervet & Mme Elisabeth Dahan-Soussy & Mme Evelyne Beddock.

What is your impression of this year’s congress?

The general atmosphere at the convention was very positive. The SwissTech Convention Center is a particularly well-suited venue for a 4-day congress such as ours, thanks in particular to the configuration of the spaces, which allow a great deal of fluidity and many moments of exchange between participants.

How did you find the facilities and equipment at the SwissTech Convention Center?

The architecture of the building is impressive and lends a certain atmosphere to the whole event. The proximity to the metro was much appreciated by participants. Cleanliness and punctuality were also noted.

How did the organization go before and during the event?

The teams were fantastic. They pulled out all the stops to ensure that the congress was a success, and were truly involved in the event. Communication with Victor Fournier, our event manager, was excellent, and everything was put in place to facilitate the organization.

What would you say to another organizer, if he organizes a congress in 2 years’ time at the SwissTech Convention Center? That they can go there with their eyes closed!

Interview on July 4, 2023