Swisstainable program

Belinda Haas
Belinda Haas

The SwissTech Convention Center is proud to announce that it has joined the Swisstainable program of Switzerland Tourism.

Swisstainable is open to all companies and organizations in the Swiss tourism industry and seeks to help guests interested in sustainable offers to find the best possible options when visiting Switzerland. The SwissTech joined at the Commited level and we are already working on a certification which will allow us to reach the next level, Engaged, by the end of this year.

The SwissTech Convention Center is committed to working with all of our clients and suppliers to ensure that 100% of our events are sustainable.

A sustainable event is one that aims to reduce its environmental footprint and create positive economic and social impacts.

  • Environment: mobility of participants and employees, energy and water consumption, catering choices, waste reduction/management
  • Social: positive impact on the EPFL community, STCC employees and society in general
  • Economic: procurement of materials and services from local and responsible suppliers

Concrete actions since 2020:

  • We calculate our C02 emissions annually
  • Signed the Net Zero Carbon Events initiative
  • Joined the Swiss Triple Impact program
  • Ask all our clients to fill in our sustainability form
  • Take an interest in the sustainability approach of our suppliers

Discover important facts about our building and operations around mobility, energy, waste and catering.