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We are committed to working with all of our clients and suppliers to ensure that 100% of our events are sustainable.

A sustainable event is one that aims to reduce its impact on the environment and create positive economic and social impacts.

  • Environment: mobility of participants and employees, energy and water consumption, catering choices, waste reduction
  • Social: positive impact on the EPFL community, STCC employees and society in general
  • Economic: procurement of materials and services from local and responsible suppliers

Concrete actions since 2020:

Discover important facts about our building and operations around mobility, energy, waste and catering.

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Discover important facts about our building and processes in the areas of mobility, energy, waste and catering.

  • Mobility

  • Energy

  • Waste

  • Catering


  • The STCC is located right across from the EPFL metro station and we have two charging stations for electric vehicles
  • On site, participants will find well-designed pedestrian and bicycle access
  • Our center is well equipped and therefore most of our events do not require additional external equipment.
  • We favor local suppliers to minimize event emissions
  • All of our spaces are accessible to people with limited mobility and we have hearing aid loops in auditoriums A, B and C.
  • STCC employees are encouraged to use public transportation and benefit from the SBB half-price pass.


  • The STCC uses mainly natural light
  • The center has no air conditioning system, it has a ventilation system that operates independently on different areas of the building to reduce energy when spaces are empty
  • The STCC uses lake water for heating and cooling cooling without harming the environment
  • 100% of our energy comes from EPFL, and EPFL is funding the development of renewable energy on the campus solar park, one of the largest urban solar parks in Switzerland
  • “Graetzel” photovoltaic cell panels designed to produce electricity and also to protect against the sun have been installed on the west façade
  • The STCC includes four geothermal pillars that allow heat exchange with the ground
  • Sanitary hot water is 100% renewable. It is produced by solar panels installed on the roofs of the neighboring student housing and by the recovery of waste heat from the refrigerators
  • We have water saving systems in all sinks
  • Water fountains connected to the public water system are available


  • We aim for “zero waste” and “zero plastic” activities
  • Internally, we use recycled paper products and refillable soap dispensers
  • We use reusable microfiber cloths that are washed on site


  • We work with our catering partner to ensure sustainable practices such as offering vegetarian dishes, local, organic and seasonal ingredients, local and seasonal beverages, water jugs, etc.