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The SwissTech follows EPFL’s thorough sustainability strategy for our internal operations and we encourage our clients to think about sustainability as they design their event and provide them with concrete recommendations.

We have defined concrete actions around four themes:
Catering, Mobility, Energy and Waste.

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  • Catering

  • Mobility

  • Energy

  • Waste


  • We are working with our catering partners to ensure sustainable practices e.g. prioritize vegetarian/vegan, local, organic and seasonal dishes, tap water, local and seasonal drinks, dispense drinks with decanters & jugs, etc.
  • Water filling stations (connected to public water grid – tap water in Switzeland is 100% potable) will soon be installed in the SwissTech and metal water bottles will soon be available at reception.


  • We are located right next to a metro station and have 2 charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • On site, participants will find well designed accesses for pedestrians and cyclists and a car-sharing offer.
  • Our center is well equipped, therefore, most of our events do not require additional, external equipment. We are working with local suppliers to minimize related emissions.
  • SwissTech employees follow the EPFL Mobility plan, which finances measures in favor of public transport and soft mobility.


  • 100% of our energy comes from EPFL, and EPFL purchases 100% of the electricity from renewable sources (97% hydraulic and 3% photovoltaic).
  • The EPFL campus is one of the largest urban solar parks in Switzerland.
  • The SwissTech primarily makes use of natural light.
  • Our ventilation system works independently on different zones of the building to reduce energy when spaces are empty.
  • There are four geothermal pillars under the SwissTech that enable heat exchanges with the ground, and the building has the Swiss Minergie label.


  • The Center uses lake water for heating and cooling with no harm to the environment.
  • The sanitary hot water used in the SwissTech is 100% renewable. It is produced by the solar panels on the rooftops of the nearby student housing as well as recovering waste heat from fridges.
  • We have water saving systems in all wash hand basins.


  • As stated on our recommendations, we encourage our clients to design zero-waste and zero-plastic events.
  • Internally we use recycled paper products and refillable soap dispensers.
  • Our cleaning partner uses reusable micro-fibre cloths and mops made from recyclable materials that are laundered on site.