It’s time to think about your end of year party

Alexandra Nathusius
Alexandra Nathusius

How to organize a year-end party for your company in 5 points

Both exciting and stressful, organizing your company’s end-of-year party can sometimes turn into a nightmare. Here are our tips to ensure a smooth organization:

1) Select the right place

The choice of the place will depend on several factors; number of guests, what type of party do you want to organize, your budget, where are guests coming from and how do they travel. Once you have answered these questions, you will have a clearer picture of the venue you are looking for. Don’t delay in contacting the facility, as dates in December are in high demand.

STCC’s size makes it a great venue for large groups. We are also easily accessible by public transportation thanks to the M1 Metro and from 5pm onwards the EPFL parking lots are free.

2) Send a “Save the Date”

Once you have found the right place and date for your event, you can send a “Save the Date” to get the maximum number of participants. The message should simply indicate the date and nothing else. The invitation containing more details such as the exact location, the exact time, the dress code and the confirmation request can come at a later date.

3) Catering is a key point

In order to respect dietary preferences, plan a vegetarian option. Also, some people do not consume alcohol so be sure to offer attractive non-alcoholic drinks such as exotic juices or non-alcoholic cocktails. Also, if alcohol is consumed, think about organizing the return trip by shuttle, public transport or with volunteer employees. These three points are sometimes forgotten by organizers.

4) The theme and the entertainment

First of all, choose the theme of the evening. This will guide you to the appropriate entertainment. There are hundreds of possibilities, but here are a few examples: a comedy or musical, clowns, magicians, a dance class, a percussion class, an award ceremony, etc. Don’t forget that entertainment is a great way to bring teams together. A photobooth can also be a nice element for parties and it leaves good memories.

5) Communicate and plan

It will be important to communicate about the event beforehand with posters in the cafeteria for example and by sending a general email. Don’t forget to indicate: the date, the place, the theme, possibly the dress code, the directions to the place and the parking facilities.

One last piece of advice: feedback is the best way to improve. After the event, get your organizing team together to assess the strong points of the evening and the points that can be improved. You can even send a small satisfaction questionnaire.

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