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Between lakes and mountains, the Lake Geneva Region offers an exceptionally rich natural environment, its breath-taking scenery offering some of the most stunning views in Switzerland.


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Artlab building

Designed by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, this prestigious building, open to the public, hosts three distinct spaces, dedicated to the dialogue between science and culture. With this project, EPFL is highlighting the Digital Humanities. Like other EPFL buildings, the ArtLab will undoubtedly become a must for users of the site and a place of pilgrimage for lovers of science, art, music and architecture.


The Mechanical Engineering building

The Mechanical Engineering building designed by architect Dominique Perrault hosts the Discovery Learning Labs, an innovative teaching project meant to encourage students to engage in experimentation and learning through discovery. The building also holds interdisciplinary research laboratories run by the School of Engineering, a space for testing drones and a lecture hall.


EPFL Innovation Park

The EPFL Innovation Park, at the heart of EPFL, is a venue for exchanges and meetings between the scientific research sector and companies; a vast laboratory that can support even the most audacious projects. It currently houses 13 buildings that provide major companies and promising start-ups with the conditions they need to flourish.


EPFL Rolex Learning Center

The Rolex Learning Center, designed by the world-renowned Japanese Architecture Bureau SANAA, is both a learning laboratory, a library housing 500,000 books and an international cultural center.


Science at the Extremes

Protecting our environment means understanding it, and this is especially true of the Polar Regions. The Swiss Polar Research Center will deepen our understanding of extreme regions and the effect of climate change, but will also enable us to design buildings and technology to deal with extreme conditions.

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The Lemanic Center for Personalized Health

Health 2030 is multicentric and mutidisciplinary initiative emanating from EPFL, the University of Geneva, the University of Lausanne, the HUG and the CHUV. It will foster new technologies and merge them with healthcare to give rise to research, education and services.


The Swiss Cancer Center Lausanne

Agora is an ambitious new research facility that will bring together biologists, engineers, medical doctors and other specialists in the field of cancer. The goal is simple – disruptive discovery in the lab can be rapidly translated into the clinic for treating patients.


Digital Humanities and the Venice Time Machine 

The Venice Time Machine project aims at building a multidimensional model of Venice and its evolution covering a period of more than 1000 years. Kilometers of archives are currently being digitized, transcribed and indexed setting the base of the largest database ever created on Venetian documents.



The development of a modular exoskeleton for walking assistance began in February 2015 at the Laboratoire de Systèmes Robotiques (LSRO) at EPFL.TWIICE allows users to regain independence through daily activities: sitting and standing, walking on regular, rough or tilted surfaces, climbing stairs or interacting in community.


The Human Brain Project

The Human Brain Project is a H2020 FET Flagship Project which strives to accelerate the advancement in the fields of neuroscience, computing and brain-related medicine. This project provides a strategic alignment of scientific research programs in fundamental neuroscience, advanced simulation and multi-scale modelling with the construction of an enabling Research Infrastructure.

Flagship project
H2020 FET


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