Lausanne: the Swiss city between a magnificent lake, splendid vineyards and iconic mountains

Myriam Loulid
Myriam Loulid
Surrounded by the Geneva lake, vineyards and mountains, Lausanne attracts and seduces its visitors. The Latin charm of the city is undeniable. In fact, it was named the best small town in the world in the very first "Small Cities Index" by the British magazine Monocle.

In this small country of postcard images, the city of Lausanne stands out for its southern charm. This is certainly one of the reasons why it has risen to the top of the “Small Cities Index”. Its natural setting, its diverse population, the quality of public transport as well as its rail and air travel connections were determining factors.

The city’s international attractiveness for visitors and businesses is also an asset. Indeed, Lausanne is home to many international firms and federations. The capital of the Canton of Vaud has also been home to the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee since 1914, conferring on Lausanne the official title of Olympic Capital. Visitors can also visit the 3000 m2 of the emblematic Olympic Museum and put themselves in the shoes of an athlete and feel the Olympic spirit.

In terms of gastronomy, Switzerland’s fourth-largest city is one of the richest regions on the continent featuring a record number of star chefs. At the gates of the city, the Lavaux region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will fascinate all visitors. Indeed, the vineyards of Lavaux produce exceptional wines.

So, when will you come and live the Lausanne experience?