With its typical villages, sunny vineyards and inimitable landscapes, the Lavaux region is one of the most beautiful in the canton of Vaud. With its 900 hectares of vines, Lavaux is a paradise for good wine lovers. Many small paths crisscross the heart of vineyards with breathtaking views of Lake Geneva and the Alps. On these 10,000 terraces, you will easily find the path that suits your pace and the time you have available. It's a great way to discover one of the most beautiful Swiss landscapes. Remember to equip yourself with good shoes and keep in mind that the walk can be steep. You have the opportunity to get to the top of the terraces by car and walk down. You can also choose to ride with the Lavaux Express or the Lavaux Panoramic. Depending on the season and the number of people, it might be necessary to call and book. Please be aware that vans or buses with 50 seats are too big for the streets of some of the surrounding villages.


Do not miss the visit of a vineyard and the tasting of the wines of the region. The best venues for groups are Vinorama, Domaine du Daley and Patrick Fonjallaz. Vinorama proposes the projection of a short film on the history and the life of the vine growers of the region and provides explanations on the subject. The only downside is the fact that it is located near the lake shore and thus at the bottom of the vineyards. You can also visit the vineyards belonging to the city of Lausanne: the Domaine de Burignon, that of Clos des Moine or Clos des Abbayes.

Guided tours with diffrent themes

You can also organize a personalized guided tour for you and your group. The site offers several guided tours themed around for example poetry, painting and history. If  you do not find one that suits your exact needs, you can request a custom tour based on your interests, the time you have available and the number of participants.