Swiss Location Award

Christophe Leyvraz
Christophe Leyvraz

At the heart of excellence lies an endless pursuit to exceed expectations. It is this constant aspiration that has earned SwissTech Convention Center the title of Best Swiss Congress Center five times. However, each year brings new challenges, new opportunities for innovation, and improvement.

Once again this year, we are committed to leveraging our expertise, dedication, and passion to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and event participants. That’s why we are proud to represent ourselves at the Swiss Location Award, hoping to once again claim the prestigious title of “Best Swiss Congress Center.”

Your feedback is incredibly valuable in this endeavor. Take just two minutes to evaluate your experience with us. Who knows, perhaps our combined efforts will once again allow us to achieve the coveted title of Best Swiss Congress Center.

We appreciate your continued support. Together, let’s continue to write the story of excellence.