The SwissTech Convention Centre commits itself for our future

Laura Le Gal
Laura Le Gal

We emitted 76,3 tons of CO2 in 2021.

Discover how we will improve our impact!

Concerned by our environmental impact and willing to act, we have assessed our greenhouse gases emissions with the ecoLive office since 2020. Thus, we precisely know the structure of our impact, which we can now reduce optimally.

Thanks to the reliability of our data, respecting in particular the international, reputed standards that are the GHG Protocol and ISO 14.064, we carry out an ambitious act to contribute to a better future.

Our commitments for the climate

For a few years, we have moved forward to improve our climate impact:

  • We have joined the program SwissTriple Impact
  • We have signed the initiative Net Zero Carbon Events
  • We are at the level II of the program Swisstainable of Swiss Tourism

We aim at reducing our greenhouse gases emissions by 30% before 2030 to help and align ourselves with the climate strategy of the Confederation.

To that end, we have identified 3 lines of work that will allow us to improve our impact. It is a matter of:

  • Reducing our non-recyclable waste by setting up Eco-points in the entire congress centre.
  • Implementing a mobility plan to reduce the carbon footprint of our commuting.
  • Installing solar panels to mostly use renewable energy.

Supporting external projects

In our desire to get to the bottom of things, we want to take responsibility for the emissions that are not reduced for now. To do this, we support 1 project of climate protection.

That project promotes high tech domestic solar systems with integrated GSM modem, which offers households with low income as well as small businesses a clean, affordable alternative to fossil fuels. That technology noticeably reduces CO2 emissions, thanks to an innovative monitoring method. The first concrete application took place in Tanzania.

That project especially matters to us because, adding to the decrease in the global CO2 emissions, up to what we emit, it contributes to 8 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.