Myriam Loulid
Myriam Loulid

The SwissTech Convention Center (STCC) has seen significant changes in event planning since the COVID19 pandemic. “An increasing number of clients are requesting that their events be broadcast live, or even in hybrid mode. Attendees and panelists who don’t join us on site want to connect remotely and we need to ensure that their experience is engaging. “says Naofel Djelassi, head of AV & New technologies at the SwissTech Convention Center

So, STCC partnered with Zoom which is the most user-friendly and innovative platform. Ideal for providing a hybrid experience for meetings and events. The software combined with on-site studio production opens up unlimited customization possibilities.

All event organizers will be able to leverage Zoom’s technology to provide the best experience for their remote attendees, regardless of the size of their events, using the cutting-edge features of Zoom Rooms, Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars deployed at STCC.

“We’re proud to support STCC in its commitment to consistently provide the best technology to event organizers, and to help people connect and have the same event experience wherever they are. From the moment you walk through the doors of the Convention Center, there’s a sense of superior quality and innovation that resonates with Zoom’s philosophy. After a few discussions with Naofel, we knew it was a no-brainer to expand our collaboration,” says Edouard Rivet, Account Executive at Zoom.