Some news from the SwissTech Convention Center and Hotel

Julianne Jammers
Julianne Jammers

After some difficult months in the event industry, the year 2022 ended on a positive note.

This success is the result of hard work and teamwork. The management of the SwissTech Convention Center would like to thank all our staff for their commitment, expertise and enthusiasm.

We have done some re-organizing and we are also very pleased to announce the following promotions:

  • Annika Zimmerman, Event Manager
  • Eric Manganel, Director, Finance & Administration
  • Geneviève Koch, Senior Association & Event Manager
  • Laura Le Gal, Head of Client Services & Sustainability Leader
  • Lena Perrenoud, Head of Events
  • Mathilde Haffner, Head of Reception, SwissTech Hotel
  • Myriam Loulid, Head of Marketing & Communication
  • Thierry Gabor, Senior Event Operations Manager
  • Victor Fournier, Senior Event Manager

Finally, we are pleased to welcome a new team member :

  • Laura Boschung, Event Manger