The SwissTech Convention Center does everything possible to ensure your safety

Pierre-Alain Pascal
Pierre-Alain Pascal
For several months now, we have been implementing a health security system to ensure the safety of everyone in the SwissTech Convention Center. These measures have proven to be effective, as so far no case of COVID-19 has been detected.

We are pleased to share with you the measures we are currently applying. These can be adapted at any time depending on the country situation.

The SwissTech Convention Center is a COVID Free building, all persons wishing to enter the building must present a COVID Certificate.

The COVID Certificate is issued to:

  • To fully vaccinated persons
  • Persons cured of COVID less than 6 months ago
  • To persons with a negative PCR test (max 72h) / or antigen test (max 48h)
  • All persons must present the official QR code and their ID
  • The obligation to present a certificate applies to people aged 16 years and older

Here are the other measures put in place:

  • An access control with security guards is installed at the entrance of the center
  • The building is disinfected regularly
  • Health recommendations are posted throughout the building

For people coming from abroad, we recommend that you consult the information provided by Switzerland Tourism or the Federal Office of Public Health.