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Julianne Jammers
Julianne Jammers
Coronavirus caused a tsunami in the events world and most people have agreed on one thing: "Nothing is the same as before"! Since March 2020, it has become essential to reinvent ourselves and the organization of events, and not only through health measures. Discover the analysis of our Managing Director, Julianne Jammers, and her point of view on bringing real added value to an event.

Like its peers, the SwissTech Convention Center has put in place various measures to guarantee health security since the first cases of coronavirus were reported in Switzerland.

We are fortunate to have a building equipped with technologies that allow it to adapt to the needs of each event in just a few minutes and guarantee social distancing. We have also reinforced our hygiene measures and installed automatic disinfectant dispensers.

We strongly encourage all event organizers and participants to download the SwissCovid application. This application, co-developed by EPFL, is an extremely powerful tool that will allow us to avoid a second wave of Coronavirus by interrupting the transmission chains.

In addition, we provide the essential audiovisual equipment to make all our live events become “hybrid” and can be broadcasted worldwide.

These measures are of course essential to run events, but in order to ensure their lasting success, I invite you to consider the following points, which will bring real added value to your event:

1) Developing an event at the heart of a promising ecosystem

The Health & Drone Valley, where the SwissTech is located, is unique in the world. Over 16’000 people work in over 900 companies in the pharmaceutical industry, agrochemicals, medical engineering and biotechnology research. Here in Lausanne there are also 80 companies active in the drone market given the proximity to the world renowned federal technical university, the EPFL.

The Lake Geneva basin has no reason to envy to Silicon Valley. Thanks to its high concentration of know-how in the biomedical and drone sector, French-speaking Switzerland is extremely dynamic.

By organizing an event in the Lake Geneva region and especially at the EPFL, you can take advantage of a prosperous ecosystem. You can attract exceptional speakers who will inspire participants and offer a real added value to the event.

2) Networking power

I believe strongly in the benefits of face to face interaction, however, the current situation has brought everything to a halt. This is why we are developing Auditorium D of the SwissTech Convention Center. “D” as in Digital, a 100% tailor-made platform that allows us to meet the needs of the organizers and offer various interaction solutions to preserve and promote human exchange.

3) International partnerships

We are developing partnerships with other convention centers to hold conferences at the same time in different parts of the world to avoid intercontinental travel for participants.

As a conference center, we work hand in hand with the organizers to ensure that each participant has the perfect experience. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss creating added value in the event.

Yours sincerely,