Live streaming, a useful tool that can save your event

Naofel Djelassi
Naofel Djelassi
Since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, the event industry has been suffering. The cancellation of events around the world is affecting all sectors. Live streaming is the trend and it is the solution to keep your event going!

This practice allows you to easily broadcast any type of event live, on any channel. The two main broadcast services are Facebook live and Youtube live which offer free solutions.

Given the current situation, several governments have advised to limit travel. However, for organizers who do not want to cancel their event, Live streaming is the simple and easy solution. At the SwissTech Convention Center, we are currently offering all our customers this solution free of charge to avoid canceling your event.

And there are also other advantages to Live streaming. Live event images can be very useful for promoting future events. Excerpts and behind-the-scenes footage can help potential attendees understand the event and thus increase their desire to participate. It is also a way to promote yourself to your business partners or sponsors.

The immediacy of the broadcast allows for extremely rapid dissemination of its content. This is a great opportunity to make a marketing buzz and use the snowball effect of a live broadcast to increase your brand awareness.

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