Julianne Jammers
Julianne Jammers
Information and recommendations of the SwissTech Convention Center regarding the Coronavirus epidemic.

The SwissTech Convention Center follows EPFL guidelines and we use them as a basis for discussions with event organizers:

They include the link to the page of the Federal Office of Public Health.

In addition, the WHO has published recommendations for organisers of major events.

The plan at SwissTech is to continue to provide uninterrupted services. It is important to remain well-informed and vigilant to avoid falling into panic.

As a reminder, the measures that are most effective in preventing the transmission of germs are :

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or hand sanitizer
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue or, if not available, into the crook of the elbow
  • Avoid unnecessary contact with people with respiratory conditions or coughs

We have made hand sanitizer available at the reception desk and in our offices.