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Myriam Loulid
Myriam Loulid
Inside Game Coaching Network et Sport Attitude - Coaching Leadership, Conference & Workshop

February 1-2, 2018, SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne

Be a part of the new paradigm in sport coaching and connect with over 100 coaches and experts at this unique and innovative conference where you will learn how to unlock the potential of your athletes, improve performance and develop a winning team culture! You will learn research based, proven approaches to help you take your coaching and leadership skills to a new level. You will actively participate in workshops, engage with other coaches and answer all your coaching questions and challenges. Importantly, you will learn how you can inspire, motivate and empower young athletes. Our internationally renowned coaches, authors and speakers will transform the way you think about coaching, mentoring and leadership so you can develop not just great athletes, but great people!

Day one – The secrets to unlocking human potential

On this first day of the conference, we will take you through a full day of training to rediscover why you coach, your role as a coach, and share some of the secrets of the world’s top coaches.  From there we will delve into research about what is most important to kids in sport and teach you how to motivate, inspire, connect with and communicate with young athletes while making the experience fun.  Finally, our panel of Olympic athletes will share their personal experiences with their coaches.

Day two – The power of the play to unlock potential

In our overly structured world, dominated by screens, we have somehow lost the notion of “play”.  Kids no longer just play for fun, schools are reducing recess time, few children are able to play or participate in more than one sport, and sport has become ultra-structured, leaving little time for kids to develop their own style, creativity or enjoyment.  Research now shows us that this is having detrimental effects on kids who lack proper mobility skills, face overuse injuries, burn-out much early and drop out of sport.

Day II will, therefore, focus on PLAY.  Why it’s important, how to integrate it into your practices, how to prepare for Play both mentally and physically, How to manage your emotions during practices and games, and how to prepare your athlete to Return to Play after injury or a break.

The day will close with an introductory workshop on Transformational Coaching by Jean Côté – where you can put together all the techniques and information learned and literally, transform your coaching!

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