The Night of the Lions

The Night of the Lions is the fundraising Gala of the Lausanne Hockey Club (LHC). It’s the time when supporters, sponsors, partners and of course players meet and spend a friendly evening in the SwissTech Convention Center whose atmosphere is totally transformed.

After one and a half days of set up, transformation, audio-visual tests and many rehearsals, the third edition of the Night of the Lions finally started on Wednesday 2nd of November 2016 at 6.30 pm with the arrival of the first guests. They were welcomed with an aperitif in the Foyer Campus. The 900 people present that evening had the chance to enjoy several interactive games with 3D glasses and a photo booth to capture the pleasant moments.

The Gala evening started at 8 pm in the Auditorium A where a gourmet meal was served with several menus and quality wine choices. Lively music bands created a festive atmosphere. As the dinner was coming to its end, everybody gathered in the Foyer Campus to start the most festive part of the evening: the afterparty with the DJ. The guests partied until 2 in the morning, when it was time to go home, taking with them lots of new great memories.

What are the memories of Tamara Richard, the Event Manager in charge of the organization and of the good execution of the event?

Those are the events I like the most! Everything starts in the empty building which transforms itself throughout the day. When it gets dark and the setting is in place, the atmosphere changes and we almost can’t recognize the place. That’s when we realize all the work that has been done. Even if those big events are the ones that require longer and more intense work, since there are many impromptu changes that need to be handled quickly, they are the ones with the most beautiful results.