The Moon Race 2015

Myriam Loulid
Myriam Loulid
The Moon Race is the first of a series of show-conferences open to the public about the adventure of the lunar conquest. It featured the American, Buzz Aldrin (lunar pilot during the 1st moon landing of Apollo 11 in 1969), the soviet, Alexey Leonov (1st cosmonaut to reach space in 1965) and Claude Nicollier (1st Swiss astronaut in space) who talked about their big space epic.

Everything started with an idea of Lukas Viglietti, founder of SwissApollo, an association that gathers those passionate about space and organizes events and conferences with legendary astronauts. In November 2015, he organized The Moon Race at the Swiss Tech Convention Center with Grand Chelem Events. 3000 people were present to attend the first event with those two pioneers of the lunar conquest. For once, it wasn’t in a competitive atmosphere that Buzz Aldrin and Alexey Leonov found themselves face to face but during a show celebrating the culture of their countries. Indeed, more than a simple conference, this event welcomed the chorus of the Red Army who ensured the musical interludes and an American acrobatic (aerial) dance show, in a magical setting of space conquest. In addition to the show-conference, the participants could admire a reproduction of the LM (the Apollo Lunar Module), the lunar Jeep, spacesuits and a model of the American rocket. Enough to awake childhood dreams.

What are the memories of Marie-Hélène Blain, the Event Manager in charge of the organization and optimal execution of the event ?

“This event was a public one, which is quite unusual since most of our events are private, so there were many people. One of our main task was to handle the crowd. We installed a control system at the entrance, numbered seats, an important signage equipment and we mobilized some staff to welcome and inform the participants.
There were people of all ages and and abilities, groups, family and more. Everyone had different needs. We did our best so that everyone would feel welcomed and could fully enjoy their evening. I think it was truly successful, people were very impressed and everything went as planned.”