Virtual visit

Before discovering this architectural masterpiece, we invite you to discover it virtually.

Discover the SwissTech Convention Center in just a few minutes. You can also directly select the space you wish to visit in order to get straight to the point.

General visit

The SwissTech Convention Center distinguishes itself from other major congress centers by its number of conference rooms and its adaptable capacity. The architecture of the building allows three auditoriums to become one; the number of seats in each auditorium can also be changed in just a few minutes. This modularity is based on two mechanisms: a system of sliding walls, and the Gala Venue technology.

Auditorium A

Auditorium A is unique in its shape, size and comfort. The integrated state-of-the-art technologies make it entirely modular and adaptable to the needs of each individual.

Anything is possible in this unique space!

Auditorium A in Gala layout

Auditorium A can be configured as a flat or cabaret to accommodate a Gala dinner for up to 900 people. The merger with its little brother, Auditorium B, allows us to offer a catering space for more than 1’100 people.

Auditorium ABC

The ABC Auditorium is the combination of the 3 auditoriums A, B and C which can be merged thanks to two mechanisms: a system of retractable walls and the Gala Venue technology. In just a few minutes, we can create a room that can accommodate up to 3,000 people in the best conditions.

Auditorium B

Auditorium B accommodates up to 350 guests and offers the same quality standards as the adjacent Auditorium A. Thanks to a retractable wall, these two auditoriums can be combined into one space, offering seating for 2107 people in tiers or a gala dining room for 1100 guests. In addition, this auditorium can also open onto the Campus Foyer. Thus configured, these three spaces together offer 3000 m2 of exhibition space.

Auditorium C

Also equipped with a removable wall allowing it to be isolated from the spaces on the lower floor, this auditorium can be used independently or in addition to auditoriums A & B. When the three auditoriums are combined, this common space offers a 3000-seat auditorium with great comfort. When used separately, Auditorium C seats 450 guests.

The adjoining Cloud Foyer offers users a comfortable and exclusive networking and dining space. It will be a pleasant place to welcome 300 people in a “Cocktail” configuration.

Floor Garden

The Garden level has 5 large modular rooms and an adjoining foyer. Using a system of sliding walls, four rooms can be completely opened and offer a space of 3460 m2. Equally luminous thanks to its bay windows and skylights, this level accommodates exhibitions or large-capacity meals in the best conditions.

Floor Campus

This vast, modern, design and bright space is incomparable. Its architecture, 16 m high ceilings and glass walls make it unique. The western facade, made of Grätzel photovoltaic cells, creates an unparalleled atmosphere thanks to their warm colors and copper shadows. The Campus Foyer is a very pleasant place to receive guests, to check in, to network or to eat on an area of 1302 m2.