A new way of working, warmer and more human

Victor Fournier
Victor Fournier
Working in a warm and friendly manner and putting human relations back at the center of our concerns?  Discover the aspirations of Victor, Event Manager at the SwissTech Convention Center

Hello, how are you? If these few words could seem banal or even seem like a ready-made polite formula, or even go unnoticed in normal times, never have they made as much sense as during this health crisis that we are all going through.

Indeed, not knowing to what degree our interlocutors are affected by the crisis, we all appreciated giving the human being a little more space than usual before starting a professional exchange.

Whether it is at the health, family, emotional, logistical or professional level… we are all going through an unprecedented period and making sure that our clients are in good health, both physically and morally, as well as checking their availability has become essential.

As an Event Manager, it is these human relationships that I miss the most. I would even say that I have a visceral need for it, in normal times of course, but this need is only reinforced in this period of crisis.

At the SwissTech Convention Center, this is how we like to make our place live, warmly and humanely, both internally among colleagues and with our customers and service providers.

Nowadays, the organization of events benefits from many powerful communication tools. We will never be able to do without direct human relations, whether physical or virtual.

The period of social distancing that we are all facing has therefore only reinforced this need for personal communication with our interlocutors. So why not talk to us in person to avoid yet another email, why not call us in a video-conference for more relief than a simple phone call and above all why not start by taking the time to exchange a few words about our respective situations before getting to the heart of the matter of our working relationships?

We look forward to hearing from you and to organizing your next face-to-face events, both traditional and hybrid or virtual, with the great technological solutions we have at our disposal.

Take care and see you soon,