What do we eat?

Regardless of the style or type of event, coffee breaks, meals, or cocktails will be needed. Feeding your guests is an essential part of the organization of your event, as the quality catering provided will have a major impact on the overall satisfaction of your guests.

‘Quand l’appétit va, tout va’ is a French expression which means ‘when the appetite is fulfilled, everything goes well!’. When it comes to organizing an event, we believe this should always be kept in mind, as this will allow you to ensure the satisfaction of your guests for the rest of the program.

You can organize conferences, expositions, or galas. Your event could last for a few hours or a few days with 50 or 500 participants. The delicacy of the catering is what will give that special touch which your hosts will always remember.

How do you make sure to please all of the guests’ demands?

What’s the best time to provide your guests with food and beverage? Which dishes will be the most convenient and best-suited ones? How should you organize your guests for this moment of sharing?

Colleagues and other professionals benefit from exchanging ideas and communicating with one another. The catering has to be tailored to their tastes and needs in order for them to be satisfied but also motivated to gladly continue with the program you have arranged.

The 7 most important catering aspects to fulfill:

  1. The meeting point
    Aren’t the first few seconds the most important ones to leave an impression which will determine what will follow? Never forget to welcome your hosts with a drink. They will appreciate this gesture, and will have a reassuring first impression that you will take good care of them.
  2. Timing is everything
    Take into consideration the length of your event! The longer the days, the more coffee breaks are needed. What is more pleasant during a small break than a drink with sweet or salty delicacies? This gesture will be highly appreciated and will give your guests the strength to continue with the rest of the day!
  3. When does it end?
    The time allocated to meals is really important! Take into consideration that a meal is also a way to network. Give your guests a moment to interact in a more casual way. Meal breaks should be as long as possible, without making them too long or too short. You do not want to risk having breaks that are too long and that guests may find boring.
  4. Choose a layout
    Adapt to the situation! High tables or low tables to have a seat while eating? This depends on the time you have set on your meals and the atmosphere you wish to develop. A sit-down meal does not give the same energy as a meal standing up. If you want to create a professional atmosphere with the ability to socialize and move around, choose a standing up meal as it creates a dynamic atmosphere! For a gala evening, consider the other way around: a sit-down meal with round tables offering a warm and festive atmosphere… and if you want to get a bit crazy, maybe offer some music.
  5. The hardest choice: The Menu
    It is again a question of knowing your hosts and their preferences. It is important to choose the catering according to the setting and the people attending the event! For instance, a dynamic group of executives would not be delighted by the same catering as the association of retired nautical club! Do not forget to also take into consideration the cultural habits of the participants: if you are welcoming people from all around the world, choose dishes that are accepted by the vast majority. For the final dose of sweetness, do not forget to delicately choose the desserts!
  6. Cheers!
    Chose the beverages according to the meals. Consult professionals to ensure that the choice of wine suits the choice of the dish. Keep in mind that classics have to be a choice: For instance, what would be the reaction of your hosts if there was no coffee proposed during the breaks? To avoid any risk, go for what you are sure everyone will apprise: coffee, tea and orange juice. However, this does not stop you on showing initiative and originality: Think for alternative fruit juices or flavored hazelnut or caramel syrups for the hot beverages. This is what will make you stand out!
  7. Think Local
    Whatever your choice of location, timing, food or drinks, consider conscious consumption! Switzerland and specially the canton of Vaud offers multiple choices in wine and food: dried meat, cheeses of all kinds, lake products, chasselas, or aligoté… Local producers offer only quality products which will delight your guests no matter where they come from.
    For the rest, let yourself be taken care by our partner caterer, who with expertise and professionalism will ensure your needs are satisfied. The catering has to be at the level of your event, this is why they will serve you with elegance, delicacy, and especially with a smile!