Welcome to Winkler Multi Media Events, the Swiss leader for global event solutions.

With Winkler, you can rely on one of the major European global AV solution provider.
We offer best practice in global audio visual solutions for any kind of events: congress, conference, general assembly, product launch, fashion show, exhibition booth, etc.

Our creative and technical production office offers a global solution for stage design, lighting design, sound design, media production, etc. Your project is managed entirely through a single point of contact.

Our production team is fully trained and committed to support you on your project, with passion, reliability, and the legendary “Swiss Made” precision and quality standards. Our own stock of equipment, one of the major one in Europe, is constantly renewed and updated with massive investments in the latest technologies. Actually our company is counts more than 100 permanent staff and more than 450 regular free-lancers and we produce more than 500 major events every year.


Romain Rossel
Key Account Manager
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Winkler Multi Media Events AG
Lausanne Branch Office
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