Daniel Volet
Daniel Volet

COVID19 MEASURES – 13 septembre 2021

These are the event-related rules imposed by the Swiss Confederation and the Vaud Canton as of 13 september 2021 until 24 january 2022

From now , anyone wishing to participate in an indoor event will have to present a COVID certificate and an ID card to gain access to the event.


  • The creation of a sanitary plan for the event is mandatory. This must be submitted to the municipal authorities for approval via email police.commerce@polouest.ch
  • No other restrictions
  • For events with more than 1’000 people per day, the organizers must obtain a permit from the competent cantonal authority.


  • To fully vaccinated persons
  • To persons cured of COVID less than 6 months ago
  • To persons with a negative PCR test (max 72h) / or antigenic test (max 48h)
  • All persons must present the official QR code and their ID
  • The requirement to present a certificate applies to persons aged 16 and over.

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