Notre team

Pour mieux vous servir

Julianne Jammers

Managing Director


Giuseppe Perfetto

Project Manager




Eric Manganel

Head of Finance


Nadia Massarelli

Office Manager

Gladys Chane-Woon-Ming


Christophe Leyvraz

Head of Marketing & Sales




Cédric Hale-Woods

Client Advisor


Myriam Loulid

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Belinda Haas

Business Development

Marie-Hélène Blain

Head of Events


Mélanie Duval

Senior Events Manager

Tamara Richard

Events Manager


Charlotte Sterling

Events Manager



Nelly Costa

Hospitality Coordinator

Daniel Volet

Head of General Operations


Naofel Djelassi

Audio Visual Production Manager

Thierry Gabor

Event Operations Manager

Vincent Cortes

Technical Specialist

Oliver Jadrovski

Technical Specialist